Friday, June 1, 2012

From Princess to Prince Charming in less than 60 seconds!

It's a BOY! 

The proof is in the the photo! 

It meant a lot to have my family there! 
   Seven weeks ago, we got to see our little Jacob for the first time and my heart just melted. He has grown so much and it was wonderful to see him healthy and having fun in there. With each heartbeat I watched on the screen, my heart just skipped a beat. I couldn't get my eyes off the screen or the smile off my face, such a sweet moment.

  As we arrived, my bladder was full and my heart anxious to see our baby "girl". I thought for sure we were having a little girl... Until the nice ultrasound technician shattered that thought into a million pieces with three words..."It's a boy!" Within the first minute, she could tell that it was a boy. We saw plenty of shots of his manliness to know without a doubt it's a prince! I kept starring at the TV watching our little guy and I couldn't stop smiling! Even after registering for blues and browns, I believe I am still in shock but very very excited!

  Seeing my little prince moving around was simply amazing. And we can relive the moments with the DVD of the ultrasound and a CD of all the images! We could see him waving his hand at us and showing off ( I think he knew he had an audience!) His back is up against my uterus so that is why I can feel him so much. He is just tucked away up in the corner just for me so I can feel and poke him! It is the greatest feeling in the world to be able to feel him moving around in there. I am loving every moment of being pregnant!

  I thank the Lord for blessing us with a little prince and a very exciting day! Now to look for cute hats and argyle clothes! May the shopping begin!

From Our Hearts,
Amber & Baby Jacob

Just for Fun!
Cute Quotes from My Niece Gracie:
"Awe man, you're not having a girl? 
Well why did you pick a boy instead?"

I was waiting on the bathroom and said I really had to go, then Gracie said:
"So you really have to go potty, huh?" Me:Yes :)
"I bet you wish you were on the potty right now, is that right?" 

- couldn't help but laugh at her- she is too cute!! 


  1. Yay hooray for your happy news! When we found out our first baby was a boy, I just cried with happiness. There is just something special about finding out WHO is in there! :-)

    1. Yes there is! It's nice to call him by his proper name now instead of his future sister's name! I think he appreciates it too. I will stop imagining him in bows and fluffy dresses too.