Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Expectations

This year I totally forgot about Valentines Day! I knew it was coming up but didn't realize it was today until my friend Katie mentioned making a cheesecake for Valentines Day. It was only Thursday, so I still had time!

I always enjoy any excuse to show James just how much I love him! And I do so stinkin' much. I knew he had also forgotten so I wasn't expecting anything this year.

Now in our defense, we were hosting our sweet friends, dealing with all our paperwork and visa issues (plus James has been making furniture for us) and Valentines Day fell to the bottom of our priorities.  Usually, James would make dinner for us. We like to stay in rather than going out because it is too crazy on Valentines Day in the States. We just enjoy the simple things and being together. Now don't get me wrong, I love a nice romantic night out but we don't get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of this holiday.

Now I had two choices.

1) Feel sad and depressed James forgot and didn't get me anything


2) Make the day about him and what he wants expecting nothing in return.

I chose choice two. I'm not a saint and there have been many times I let my mind think things that aren't true and feel sad about situations. But I wanted to enjoy the day. I know my husband loves me so very much and he spoils me. Life has just been crazy for us since we landed here in Russia. The last thing I wanted to do was make him feel bad about not doing anything. In all fairness, I wouldn't have been able to get him a card and chocolate if I wasn't out on a girls shopping day on Thursday. Anyway… I got to thinking…

That's how I should love James every day. Unconditional love expecting nothing in return. (Sheesh the hurt feelings that could be avoided if I abided by this everyday!) 

Now I'm a female with emotions - so sometimes I do expect things.  It's hard not to expect to be treated a certain way. But honestly, it's not right. The Bible says if you speak without charity you are like sounding brass. Yikes! That has been me many times-- I blame hormones. :)

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 
I Corinthians 13:1

The Bible says: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:3

Jesus was the ultimate example of selfless unconditional love. Knowing that there would be millions of people who would reject His free gift of salvation, he willingly gave His life for us. He performed miracles expecting nothing in return.
Unconditional love without expectation.

We had such a great Valentines Day but it could have been an awful one. It's all about perspective and having your heart right with the Lord. I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband and that he is my Valentines and always will be! Hope you all have a great Valentines Day today. You don't have to go all out to have a great day with the ones you love! Enjoy being together.

And remember the simple truth to love unconditionally without expectation!

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these [is] charity.
I Corinthians 13:13
Mmm Chocolate Covered Strawberries- I must admit I may have made these
for James but they were really for me. :)

My Cute Little Valentine! :) 

Playing on his new guitar just like Daddy.

So he didn't like the box idea.

He liked it after I gave him candy! :)

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