Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plan of Action in the USA!!

If you haven't read our latest post as to why we are going back to the States you can read it here

What's been going on since our last update?

Well the day after we posted we were heading to the States- we found an apartment! A huge blessing and weight lifted. Thank You, Lord! And I have a tutor lined up for when we come back--hooray! We are still praying and looking for someone to take over the ministry here in the village; but we are trusting the Lord to send the right person. In the mean time…

I am counting down the days until we leave for the States! Home sweet home! 

One day, Russia will be like home for me, and I look forward to that day. But America will always be home. My country, the land that I love! I'm a proud American, and am very thankful for the many men and women who sacrifice (or have sacrificed) to keep our country free and great! Corrupt government and all, I love America!

Okay sentimental part over. 

What am I looking forward to most?

Being able to speak and understand those I am speaking to! 

What is the next most exciting thing?

I can't wait to walk into Starbucks, breathe in the aroma of fresh beans, reminisce of my ole' barista days, walk up to the counter, order my favorite drink, with a high chance of not get the "Starbucks Experience", and enjoy every minute of being in a familiar place! 

What's the next next most exciting thing?

Running and Racing!! Running in the Cleveland Metro Parks in warmer temps. Even if the temps are suppose to be 2F when we land.  I look forward to signing up for a couple of races while we are in town and I can't wait!! I'm a running nerd. :D

And of course, shopping! I can't wait to go to Target, hop on the shopping cart, and ride it down the aisles with my iced coffee in hand. Weeeeeee!!!! 

Okay I'm back to reality. There's so many little things I'm looking forward to being back in America. Most of all it will be so great to be around family and friends! Especially family! I know it will go by so quickly, but I will enjoy every minute of it and praise the Lord all the day long! He's been spoiling us lately. And I know He will provide for us. What a great God we serve!

Don't take anything or anyone for granted! Every good thing, every good friend, is  a gift from the Lord. Maybe this could be a little glimpse into a "new missionary's world." We are just normal people trying to do our best to serve our Lord and Savior the way He planned. And it's hard at times to adjust to a new life in a new country. It's not the easiest , nothing is! We didn't sign up for easy, we gladly give our lives to serve the Lord. And the blessings far outweigh any struggle. And the best part of all? God is with us each step of the way. We couldn't do what we do if His power wasn't in our lives. And we couldn't be here if it wasn't for the many of you who give, pray, and encourage us. Thank you for encouraging missionaries through prayer and sending a short message or email. We can't tell you how it lifts our spirits!

Have a great weekend!

And to all my Ohio family,  
see you soon!!!!

Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men! Psalms 31:19

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