Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coming Soon!

Well it has been too long since I have written a post! There's been a few reasons. One, I have been trying to think of a new blog name and theme-- which may be finally getting somewhere. And two, life has been a little busy! Four weeks straight of VBS, then we had a house guest, then potty training, then James' birthday, and so on and so on. And when life hasn't been so busy, I've been too tired to write. But I'm hopping back on the writing horse with the intention to keep it going! 

As I sit here and write, I can't help but be consumed with thoughts of my little girl who is coming soon! Lord willing, my new blog will also be up and running soon. But that's not as exciting as a sweet little baby! This pregnancy has been much different than that with our first, Jacob. It seems each new month brings a new challenge. Just typical pregnancy stuff- heartburn, charlie horses at night, nose bleeds, limping from my runs, extra potty trips, nauseousness, easy gag refluxes and sensitivity to smell. Each symptom would last a few weeks and in time either go away or ease up considerably. Every now and then they'll creep up but I can't complain. The end is in sight! The best part is feeling her move all the time. She is a lot more active than Jacob ever was. I would have to poke my belly to get him to move. But with her, I have to push her back in place. I feel her foot poke out a ton on my right side and usually her bum will then poke out on the other side. It's the greatest! I just love our little princess!

This last month so far has been great! And for those who are wondering, I am still running! Last Saturday, I ran 9 miles to celebrate the milestone of reaching my 9th month of pregnancy. It was a slow run but I did it! Soon I will be back on the roads and running faster. Maybe I'll be able to pace myself with the super fast Asian man. And the looks on people's faces will soon go away when my belly shrinks down. I'm sure it's pretty amusing to see a 9 month pregnant woman running. I laugh at myself when I see my reflection in the store window. :) Running has kept me focused each week on my health and on the end goal, giving birth. And I can't wait to give birth and meet our daughter!

I believe it is safe to say, we are as ready as can be expected for the little princess to arrive. Today, we finalized everything at the hospital and are all set up there. The kids room is remodeled and decorated, the hospital bag is all packed, maternity photos taken, so now all we need is her! There are a few more finishing touches that can be done, but isn't there always one more thing that can be done?! Just one more bow to make?!

As the end nears, I am trying to soak in every moment before her arrival. Soon I will be busy with a newborn and a lot of my time will be dedicated to taking care of her- which is a great privilege! I am so excited to meet her but at the same time, I'm not wishing this time to pass too quickly. I'm enjoying the time with James and Jacob. We've been taking lots of trips to the playground and just having fun together. I try to make spending time with him a priority each day, I don't want to be too busy for him. I pray that I can still keep that balance once the baby arrives.

The thought of another child just makes me so excited. Two Jacobs running around?!!?! Just one with a bow in her hair.  Not sure if we are quite ready for all that excitement, but ready or not! Words can't express how much I love our son and I know I will feel the same about our daughter. The Lord is good, isn't He? I just feel so blessed that He would give us another child to raise for His honor and glory.

May I encourage you to enjoy whatever season of life you are in. If you are expecting your first child, enjoy the time alone with your husband before the baby comes. You won't regret soaking up that time! If you are awaiting the arrival of your second, third, or  eleventh child, enjoy the time with your kids before the new babe arrives. And of course enjoy the time with your newborn once he or she arrives. Yes, you'll be sleep deprived. And yes, you'll groan when the baby is hungry after he just ate 5 minutes ago (or so it seems). There will be days where the greatest thing you accomplish is taking a shower and reheating leftovers.  But that's okay! Enjoy that time because soon they will be grown and gone. Don't wish for the next season to come, enjoy the season you are in right now. And I will remind myself of this truth when I'm up in the middle of the night nursing the baby and dreaming about being asleep!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Here's a few sneak peeks of our maternity photos! 

My Little Blessing :)

Can't wait to dress you up!


Jacob Reading "I'm a Big Brother" as Mommy
reads up on how to stay relaxed during labor
What were we thinking?!

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